Quick Kitchen Faucet Installation Guide

I recently installed a kitchen faucet so I’m offering to teach you how to install one as well. It’s not difficult and has a time of installation of one hour, this installation is ideal for those who want to be initiated to the do-it-yourself world. You only need a few tools: a set of flat keys and gloves, you don’t even need to know how they work or anything. Watch an instructional video, and test your handyman skills! If you are wondering what one it was I installed it was similar to this one


Start by assembling the spare parts of your kitchen faucet. Start the water connection with the two hoses at the base of the faucet, then install the valve body by installing a seal on each side.

Installing on the countertop

Once the water valve has been installed, insert the base into the hole in the top and attach each gasket and mounting nut under the plane. Tighten with a small wrench and turn it tight.

Water connection

Your kitchen faucet is soon ready to operate. All you have to do is connect the water with the two hoses to the hot and cold water inlets. Begin by screwing by hand and finish tightening with two flat wrenches. If you don’t have a lot of experience with tightening pipes then maybe it’s in your best interest to call a plumber, as if this part is messed up there could be big consequences.


Open the water inlet and unscrew the filter to allow the air in the pipes to exit. Reassemble the filter, try the flow of hot and cold water … Your faucet is now installed!