How To Prepare for a New cat


Cats can give your family a lot of satisfaction. And in order to prepare for the adoption of a new family member, Here are some tips that can help you.

1) Give your cat some time to get used to the new environment
Determine an isolation room where you will spend the first couple of days. After a certain time, the cat will want to explore other rooms, so you can gradually explore other parts of the apartment/house.

It may happen that the cat will meow the first few nights if she is not accustomed to being separated from her mother. You can calm her down by lifting her and caressing her for a while.

2) Make sure your house/apartment cat proof. This implies that a pussy cannot get out, jump out of the window or slide into a corner where you will find it difficult to get her out, for example, attic or basement.

If the cat is able to climb, it is advisable to put a smaller board on the radiators so that it does not happen for her safety.


If you have small children, I’m sure that they will want to play with your cat as soon as possible, but it is very important that you allow a certain period of time to get used to the new environment. You need to define clear rules for the cat as well as for your children. Where will the kitty go, which room she may enter, should she go out, what can she climb? As far as children are concerned, you also need to have a clearly defined “Handball Handbook”:
– When is the cat fed and how much?
– Determine when and how much they are allowed to play with a cat. If the cat is asleep, let it sleep.
– Teach children how to pick up the cat from the ground, how to hold it in their hands and how to walk.
– It’s important to explain that a cat cannot be dragged by the tail, paws or head and of course playing with her like a Bakugan warrior is definitely one big no-no.
It is advisable to be present while children are playing with a cat until you are sure that they are gentle enough to let them play with themselves. It also helps to know what type of cats are aggressive.


Cats are one of the purest animals in the world because almost 1/3 of their time is spent grooming. Therefore there is no need to bathe them too frequently. They do not like water because their moist fur provides poor insulation. A good feature in cats is that they like to cover up their feces, so they are easily used to performing at the location you specify. It is best to find a box in which you will put newspapers and a little sand. After every necessity, it is necessary to change the sand and the newspaper.


There are plenty of quality meals designed for your cat. Your vet will be able to recommend the right meal and also tell you the correct quantity to feed your cat based on her age and health needs. Always feed your cat on schedule and encourage her to eat healthy meals.

Pets make very good companions. With proper knowledge to care for them and some tips to make pets feel at home, your cat will give you plenty years of happy companionship.