Why do dogs run away?

k9Runaway pooches are a well-known problem of dog owners. Whether it’s occasional or chronic, the issue of the dog represents a danger to itself that must be corrected.

Fortunately, solutions exist to solve this behavioral disorder of the dog that we will go over. But first, let’s ask the question why does the dog run away in the first place?

Sexuality: Your female dog can also succumb to sexual needs. Her escape will then be motivated by the search for a partner, which may correspond to periods of a heat of the females canines.

Separation anxiety: This disorder can appear as a result of an absence or a bad socialization in the puppy in its first weeks of life. It results in destructive behavior, not only on objects but also on itself sometimes, and in most serious cases, a lack of communication.

Fear: a noise, a bang, a storm. The sources of noise that can scare your pet are many. The animal that is scared will then take flight.

Loneliness: the dog can run away from home because he is bored when you are not at home, or after a change in his host family like moving houses, new family members, new pets. If the animal feels frustrated, it will naturally seek elsewhere what it no longer finds, or more in sufficient quantity, than at it’s current home.

Hunger: As we all know, the majority of dogs think with their stomachs. If the animal feels a pleasant smell floating in the air, it may be tempted to seek its source.

Runaway dogs: What are the solutions?

Rest assured, solutions exist to remedy this problem. Not all cases are treated the same way and some dogs are more difficult to train than others.

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that your mutt is secured when you aren’t at home.  You do this by getting a heavy duty dog crate like these ones – bestdogcrates.net/escape-proof-cages/.

The next step is to stop punishing your mutt whenever he comes back after already escaping. You see the problem with dogs is that they will not be able to understand what is going on and won’t know they have done something wrong.  You must catch them in the act to punish them.